Posture Corrector (Pink)

    • BETTER POSTURE SUPPORT –Our back posture corrector for men and women provides support around your lumbar region without restraining your armpits to better improve your posture.
    • EASY-TO-WEAR POSTURE CORRECTOR –As one of the best posture correctors and back braces in the industry, Fit Geno’s back brace is adjustable, so it’s very convenient and quick to put on and take off. It’s also made with 3D weaving that would fit your body shape whenever you wear it.
    • BREATHABLE MESH MATERIAL – The back, shoulder, and neck posture corrector is made of breathable mesh material that keeps your back from getting hot and sweaty. Plus, it’s easy to clean and dry,
    • 2-IN-ONE BACK SUPPORT AND CORRECTOR – Say goodbye to your humpback or scoliosis because our adjustable back brace has 4 flexible fiber support bars that are sealed and non-removable, providing reliable back support that will help straighten your spine. 
    • AMAZING HEALTH BENEFITS –This lumbar brace for both men and women will help relieve pain in your shoulders and waist by taking pressure off the key areas in your back.

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 23 reviews
    Correcting my posture

    I was beginning to hunch forward and cave in at the waist. I knew I needed to do something to correct that. I chose this brace because in addition to helping pull my shoulders back, it also supports my back. As you can see from the photo of the inside, it has stays which can be removed if needed. I like keeping them in to position my torso straight, which helps lift my rib cage. After just one week I am seeing a difference in the way I hold myself, walk, sit and drive with better posture. It is easy to adjust for your comfort.

    Already I feel like my backs getting better.

    Packaging was amazing. I immediately put it on and it's exactly what I needed. I suffer from terrible back pain and I slouch a lot. Can't keep my shoulders straight but this supports my entire back and forces me to correct even when I resist. Overall my back just feels better and I look forward to seeing results after using for an extended period of time. It's cute it's pink and it fits so nicely under clothing. Can't even tell I'm wearing it. I'm happy honestly.Here's an update after using this product for about a week now! Still loving it so much. It does bunch up when you're sitting but I don't find it that inconvenient because I like to wear it while I walk around. And even when it bunches around my stomach it still provides the support I need so I don't really see it being an issue. This is worth the money for me. My shoulder pain is getting better everyday I use this. I've improved my posture a bit too even when I'm not wearing it. Definitely recommend!

    Robert L. Sapp Jr.Robert L. Sapp Jr.
    Good fit

    Purchased this for our teen daughter that has a 28 degree curve. Not enough for a medical brace. This is comfortable for her to wear and helps with her posture. She has on a small.

    Helen DolanHelen Dolan
    Love this product

    I work long hours in front of my computer every day so always have back problems. I really have tried all kind of products and this one worked best so far! I love it and it supports my back so well. I wear it now while I’m working and when I walk my dog every day. Definitely worth a try if you have same problem.

    Terry Boudreau Terry Boudreau
    This brace is fantastic, comfortable, well made & affordable!

    I love this brace for many reasons. I haven’t stood up straight for over a year. Now, my posture is noticeably improving daily. After a neck fusion, a 6 disc spinal fusion and a 5th & 6th knee revision in the past year I have been using a walker. My right knee & back have caused extreme mobility problems. Using a walker toWalk has caused my back & shoulders to slump severely. It really causes me to be very self conscious and feel weak as well as feel older than I am. I knew that a good brace would help. I saw the Geno Back Brace, posture corrector on Amazon. It has all the features to I need assist me to stand tall again, shoulders back.It is very well made, comfortable and definitely works. I am so grateful to have found it & encouraged 🥰