Sciatica Brace

    • STRUGGLING WITH SCIATICA PAIN? Fit Geno ReActive+ adjustable sciatica pain relief brace for women & men relieves all your sufferings instantly. Don’t let sciatica pain hinder your daily comfort anymore!
    • EXCLUSIVE PATENT & UPGRADE: Upgrade the defects of similar products, Fit Geno ReActive+ sciatica brace features two pressure pads to instantly relieve sciatica pain. We’ve spent years researching our products and our top competitors, and we take each question and concern to heart when designing our product line.
    • NEUROLOGY SPECIALISTS RECOMMENDED: Developed by a team of experts, our easy-to-use adjustable brace for sciatic nerve pain relief will fit either left or right leg perfectly, universal for men and women.
    • MEDICAL-GRADE, LATEX-FREE MATERIAL: Fit Geno sciatic nerve brace is made from high quality medical grade material. The lightweight and breathable fabric brings you ultimate comfort throughout day and night. It's durable, washable and irritation-free.
    • 100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEED: No Questions Asked 100% Money Back Guarantee if you are not satisfied with our sciatica pain relief device. Your satisfaction is our number one priority.

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 54 reviews
    Randy G.
    The Fit Geno worked on my 1st try and eased my sciatica pain in my left leg.

    I used the Fit Geno over top of my pants to get through my 10 day straight overnight work schedule. Made making my rounds of the apartments every 2 hours much easier to withstand my severe pain. I could also have the strength to stand longer by 15x or longer. I would recommend trying this awesome product to everyone that just can't stand dealing with intense sciatica pain. This item got me through my work schedule when I could not take off work because of our less than half staffing that our company is struggling with because of lack of people wanting to work. We have 5 working staff, down from the 12 staff that we are supposed to have and we are a 24 hour a day facility.

    Made me a believer

    I am always weary of devices that are claimed to have the ability to stop pain. I am a spinal injury veteran and I have used many external devices to mitigate pain. Some work as claimed - most do nothing. This Fit Geno is a fantastic find for myself and my spouse. She suffers sciatic pain, as well as lower back pain. Both of us found that this device is made well and utilizes pressure point trigger pain relief. The Fit Geno worked immediately upon proper placement on my calf muscle. It helped me with my knee, hip and lower back pain. It helped my wife with her sciatic pain and hip pain. An amazing product and the cost is very reasonable, as well. My wife has been wearing hers now for over a week with fantastic to lower and relieve her sciatic pain. Thanks for this product line!

    DG Yetti

    I bought this for my wife. She could hardly get out of bed. She's functioning way better now and is very happy with the results.

    Kimberly Garcia
    Pain relief!!

    5 stars and above , my husband has been in such excruciating pain from sciatica, and this little device has worked wonders and helps the pain so much, I highly recommend you trying it out

    This brace relieves pain to some degree.

    This brace helps deal with the pain from my siciatica . Not a miracle cure but helps. Very easy to put on and use . Anything that relieves the pain to some degree is worth the money in my book.