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    Neck Stretcher & Shoulder Relaxer


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    • RELIEF FROM SHOULDER AND NECK PAIN –The Fit Geno Magnetic Therapy Neck and Shoulder Relaxer relieves common cervical neck pain while supporting long-term improvement of related symptoms.
    • SPINE CURVATURE CORRECTION –Our magnetic traction device releases pressure on your neck and shoulders. This can help in spine correction for short-term pain relief and long-term cervical postural alignment. The relaxer also relieves stiffness and promotes nerve healing.
    • PRESSURE POINT AND MAGNETIC THERAPY –The neck and shoulder relaxer features 6 magnet massage nodes positioned to provide pressure point therapy and neck pain relief. This kind of magnetic therapy is highly valued in the treatment of cervical spondylosis and neck arthritis.
    • RESTORATIVE NECK RELIEF –Its intelligent ergonomic design allows this neck and shoulder relaxer to use gravity to stretch the spine in 3 directions, separate the vertebrae, and create cervical neck traction. It also has a comfortable C-shaped opening and U-shaped curvature that fits with the slope of the neck while supporting the head and spine. With the massaging function, it offers immediate pain relief, protecting healthy nerves and encouraging normal muscle function over time.
    • PREVENTIVE HOME THERAPY –Since this is a portable device, it is an easy-access tool for daily sessions at home to prevent nerve and spine damage.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    What material is the product made of and how firm is it?
    The Neck and Shoulder Relaxer is formed from polyurethane foam. This means it is solid and firm enough to support your head and neck. It won’t get dent with the weight, yet it’s also not so hard and stiff to cause extreme discomfort. The surface is actually soft and smooth, perfect for lying down and relaxing your neck.

    Does the Neck and Shoulder Relaxer alleviate neck pains?
    Yes. Since the product stretches your spine according to its correct curvature and it has massage nodes to relieve any muscle strain, it can reduce pain caused by herniated disc, stiff neck, cervical spondylosis, and other conditions that result in neck sores. The gentle stretching motion helps to improve blood flow, reduce inflammation, and release built-up tension in the muscles.

    Can the Neck and Shoulder Relaxer relieve muscle knots in the shoulders?
    Yes. The Neck and Shoulder Relaxer is a simple yet effective tool designed to provide pressure relief to those tight muscles in your neck and shoulders. Aside from the angle it supports your shoulder blades, this relaxer has a magnetic therapy feature with massage nodes that gently knead your muscles to ease strain. With just a few minutes of use per day, it can help alleviate tension in your shoulders and eventually get rid of those muscle knots.

    Can this product correct wrong neck curves?
    Yes. The device's ergonomic shape is specifically engineered to support your head and neck while providing the right traction that can help restore proper alignment over time. Its slopes guide your neck to follow the right curvature as it also stretches your spine to conform to the correct shape. With continuous use, your crooked neck will surely be reoriented.

    How long do you have to use the Neck and Shoulder Relaxer?
    It is advisable to use the Neck and Shoulder Relaxer for at least 10 minutes each day. You should not use this device for over 20 minutes as the prolonged stretching of your neck may have adverse effects.

    Can this product be used as a pillow for sleeping?
    No. Always have a timer on hand when using the product and don’t sleep during your session. As aforementioned, the advisable duration of use is only 10-20 minutes. Any more beyond that may strain your neck and cause too much blood flow to your head and brain.

    Is this product suitable for people with herniated discs?
    Yes. The Neck and Shoulder Relaxer offers relief for those who are suffering from spine disc herniation. It allows for proper alignment of the spine, which can help reduce pressure on the affected area. Its unique design also cradles your head and neck in a comfortable position that promotes relaxation and lessens discomfort.

    Customer Reviews

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    Ed V.
    It’s a good product

    I got this neck stretcher, wasn’t sure it actually works. It is actually very good. Every time I lay down , for some reason really relax and just fall asleep. I can’t say there is crazy relief that you experience , but when you get up after 10-15 minutes, it does feel like there is almost no neck stiffness. There are so many versions of this , I tried this one and it’s good enough for me. My wife tried to use it also, said first few minutes, doesn’t feel too comfortable , but shortly , she agreed, feels good and relaxing. I didn’t feel that discomfort. Hope this review helps someone .

    Henry Meyer
    Great Producti am amazed

    I am amazed at the effectiveness of the Fit Geno Magnetic Therapy Neck and Shoulder Relaxer. I don't understand how it works only that it does and so quickly. I noticed almost immediate relief. My posture has improved and my back pains are steadily improving. I call it voodoo therapy. Sitting to standing has become much less of a challenge. Going up and down stairs is improving daily. I've had to adjust the rearview mirror in my car because I am sitting markedly taller. I had been 6'1.5" tall. My doctor last measured me at 5'11". I must already be decidedly taller. There aren't many products in my life I'd be willing to do a commercial for, but for the Fit Geno, I certainly would.

    John Morrison
    Greatly reduced pain from shoulder/neck tension

    I've been struggling with nightly headaches and neck pain from shoulder/neck tension for quite a while now, likely from working at a computer and cell phone use. I've tried all sorts of expensive massage machines, pain relief creams, etc, and nothing really worked at all. I've been using this for about a week now and instantly noticed a change. The first session or two were a bit uncomfortable, followed by some serious neck cracking, but I instantly felt a sense of relief from tension in my neck and haven't had a headache since. I've also notice an improvement in my posture and thoroughly look forward to my nightly sessions! It's no longer uncomfortable and honestly is like a nice, home massage! Full disclosure, this company does reimburse for good ratings, but I honestly stand behind this product. I've already recommended it to my mother who suffers from serious migraines and several friends.

    Lisa A Cook
    a miracle

    This thing is amazing and worked for me immediately. I've been needing something like this my whole life, I thought it was going to be too good to be true, but it's not! I wish I got it years ago.

    This product is legit. Really relaxes the neck and surrounding muscles

    I purchased the product as someone else recommended it to me for healing and it worked for them. I have a herniated disc in neck and have tried all kinds of apparatuses for healing. This seemed to work great at relaxing the muscles in the entire head and neck area. I would lie on it for 10 to 20 minutes as I do a guided mediation, just once a day to feel the benefits. I even told my physical therapist about it, cause it made me feel so relaxed. I will continue using it as I love it. It gives me a soothing tingling and numbing feeling that ends up relaxing everything. I was very surprised what it does for such a inexpensive price -Joe S