Plantar Fasciitis Night Splint

    • NIGHT PAIN RELIEF FROM PLANTAR FASCIITIS AND OTHER FOOT AILMENTS –Have a good night’s sleep when you get rid of your foot pains. With the help of this 5-piece plantar fasciitis night splint relief set, you can alleviate any discomfort caused by plantar fasciitis, achilles tendonitis, heel spurs, dangle foot, and other foot problems. 
    • FOOT MASSAGE BALL FOR DEEP TISSUE RELIEF –A hard, spiky massage ball is included in the set for deep tissue massage and increasing blood circulation in the foot, providing relief from Achilles tendonitis and similar inflictions.
    • ARCH SUPPORT BANDS TO SUPPORT STABILITY –Unlike other brands that only have one strap, this foot splint has two straps that work to pull and separate toes upward into a dorsiflexion position, which is shown to reduce pain and improve plantar fasciitis relief.
    • PORTABLE –You no longer need to sacrifice comfort on vacation or a work trip. This plantar fasciitis night splint set is portable and very easy to bring on-the-go. You can just place everything in the provided travel bag and carry your splint with you on your travels.
    • ADJUSTABLE ANGLES FOR PERSONALIZED CARE –The comfortable, ultra-soft foot brace is flexible enough to suit your personal needs when looking to ease foot pain and discomfort. It includes adjustable bands to fit your foot perfectly and arch supports to absorb shock. Its aluminum bar support is even detachable whenever you want to wash the splint.

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 37 reviews
    Works great to relieve Plantar Fasciitis

    I was having major heel pain in the middle of the night that would wake me up and keep me awake for a long time. This product helps. The pads work great when wearing footwear without proper support and the exercise ball is the perfect size. The splint will take a little while to get used to but after a few weeks my pain is gone.

    I can sleep in this brace!

    My doctor gave me a boot for my Achilles tendinitis and I could not sleep in it. It was bulky and make my foot uncomfortably hot. This product is smaller but does the job just as well. It also isn’t as hot due to less coverage on my foot. It’s very helpful to sleep in a brace and I’m excited to find one I can actually sleep in!

    Melinda Senff
    Brace bought to replace the one from foot doctor

    I have plantar fasciitis and have been to a foot doctor . They gave me the traditional night splint ; however that splint did not fit correctly and made my call muscle tight. This splint is smaller and easier to sleep with at night. The extra wrap around strap helps keep it in place and adds more support. You can wear it with or without the strap . You have to figure out what level of tightness and hold you will need for the straps and Velcro. Follow the instructions when it says to ease into wearing it because it does take some getting used to. The video helps with showing how to put it on and once you have it, you are good to go. I wear mine when I’m sittting in the couch for a bit and then when I am ready to go to bed. I would suggest that you wear it with socks though to keep you from having to wash it all the time and it helps with any rubbing you have if you are a restless sleeper like myself ( because I fight for space with my dogs ). But over all, it’s much better and smaller than the one from the foot doctor. It does keep the foot straight and allows me to also get to my ankle for the tendinitis. I felt a difference after the first week of wearing it. I didn’t have to stand up gingerly out of bed and slowly stretch my foot to be ableTo walk .. but the key here is wear consistently . Don’t expect a positive change if you aren’t willing to put in the time and effort.

    Pam Miller
    Great Product

    Product was delivered as described. Used product first night and felt better in morning. I have used for several days and feels better walking in the morning. I put splint on in living room before bed as you will need light to properly adjust and fit on foot. Used ball on bottom of foot and seemed to help. Pads are nice during day as my feet hurt all day. Product helps to reduce pain from plantar fasciitis.

    Immediate relief

    My son has already put the bands on his feet and said they immediately felt better on his foot! I often have to rub peppermint oil to help his flat feet. This is just enough arch support. The spiky ball tickles his feet a bit too much but he knows it'll help.