Back Brace

    • INSTANT BACK RELIEF –Fit Geno’s lower back belt for men and women gives you 360° support and care for the lumbar spine, which instantly reduces lower back soreness.
    • SCIENTIFICALLY PROVEN BACK BRACE –This medical-grade and firm lower back brace is designed to conform to your body’s natural curvature while also dispersing pressure on your lumbar spine. It’s been tested and proven to soothe back pains.
    • ERGONOMICALLY DESIGNED LUMBAR SUPPORT –The back belt offers a full range of motion while providing the best lumbar support. It narrows at the front and widens at the back so you'll be able to move flexibly and freely even when wearing it. It can be worn as a back brace for lifting or a back brace for work.
    • ELASTIC, DURABLE, BREATHABLE –The high-elastic back belt support for women and men is not only comfortable but also durable. It’s made of breathable mesh fabric and has soft elastic straps so it won’t feel hot and tight when used.
    • TRUSTED PRODUCT FROM FIT GENO –Get instant relief with this waist belt for back pain and enjoy improved spine alignment.
    • 100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEED –We provide you with only the best functional products so you’ll certainly be happy with your purchase.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    How do you know which size will fit you?
    The size chart indicates that you must base your choice on your height and weight. Once you have these measurements, go through the chart and find where your specific height and weight intersect. You can then identify which size will suit best for your body.

    Can you wear the Back Brace when sitting or lying down?
    Yes. The Back Brace supports your spine in whatever position you may be. It’s especially helpful when you use it while sitting down if you’re an office worker, a student, or someone who works long hours at a desk. It straightens your posture, so you won’t slump when you work. Wearing the brace when lying down, however, isn’t necessary, but if you have back pains when you lie down or sleep, you can wear it to relieve the ache.

    Will regular use of the Back Brace straighten your spine?
    Yes. Long-term use of this product will correct your posture and realign your spine. The Back Brace has four medical-grade steel strips distributed across the back of the belt that will keep your spine in place despite constant motions throughout the day. It offers 360-degree support and follows the lumbar curve, so the brace won’t be displaced and will keep your torso upright no matter how much you move around.

    Does the Back Brace work against back pain?
    Yes. The product has lumbar support, meaning it will prop up your spine in order to reduce the pain that comes with bending or moving your back. Your spine will remain straight, so if you have back injuries, scoliosis, sciatica, herniated disc, or other similar back problems, the restriction of movement will prevent sores, aches, and any further lumbar damage.

    Can you lift heavy objects while wearing the product?
    Yes, but do so with care and moderation. If you already have existing back ailments, do not lift anything that is too heavy or you will risk injuring your spine. You can only lift moderately heavy items occasionally. It’s better to ask someone stronger for help when you need to carry heavier objects.

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 16 reviews
    John Vecchio
    Best Back Brace Yet

    I've been using a back brace given to me after my back surgery. It was OK, but when I read the reviews on Fit Geno, I thought I would try one. I do a lot of yard work and this one has helped me more than my first one. So much, I bought a second one to use underneath my good clothing. I, as others, would recommend the Fit Geno. It is lighter and with the steel bars, gives better support.

    Mary Ann Mendoza
    Highly Recommended for back support.

    This lumbar belt helped my low back pain. I am a therapist and a runner thus because of my job I stand and walk a lot and I suffered from a herniated disc causing a lot of pain radiating down my leg. the first day I only used this for not more than 2 hours, the second day I used it again and take it off after 4 hours then going home I wore it again, today is my 3rd day and I am using it for not more than 6 hours. Using any belt needs a break in and also it gives our body to adjust specifically when in a lot of pain. I hope this review helps anyone suffering from pain. Any questions feel free to ask.

    Honey Bee
    Best Brace for Ailing Backs!

    I have used back braces on and off over the years and this one is the best. It’s definitely a huge help when lower back pain flares up, but in my case, it also shoots into the middle of my back, and this brace is wide enough to give support there as well. This brace is firm without being too tight, and the Velcro is super strong.I highly recommend this brace!

    Just got my 2nd purchase because I lost it during camping

    I brought the adjustable back brace last year and it's been great for my back pain. I even took it with me on a camping trip and unfortunately lost it (haha), and I just bought another one. The breathable feature is comfortable to wear for long periods of time, and the straps are adjustable to fit my body perfectly. It provides the support I need to sit and stand up straight and it really helped me to ease my back pain. I've been using it for a year now and I'm excited to use it again in camping for relaxation.

    Nancy zang
    Great for resolving work-related back strains

    I’m 43, 5’8 tall, and working for a number of years in the supply chain industry that’s heavy on movements, like physically lifting and moving warehouse goods. Just started to feel the strain of this kind of work on my body – around my lower back and waist region. I think this brace has helped to resolve the issue. I wear it underneath my regular workwear and it feels very discreet. This back equipment is just the thing I need so I can carry on doing the work without constantly worrying about sprains here and there. Great quality!