Bunion Corrector

    • ADJUSTABLE BUNION CORRECTOR FOR MEN AND WOMEN –Fit Geno’s flexible bunion corrector has an adjustable aluminum plate so it’s ideal for both males and females and customizable for feet of all sizes.
    • SUITABLE FOR FOOTWEAR USE –These bunion pads have a non-slip design that makes sure your feet remain in the right position. You can put these on when wearing flat shoes, slippers, and sandals, but we don’t recommend using them with heels.
    • BREATHABLE AND LIGHTWEIGHT –The bunion relief socks are lightweight and durable because they are made from an elastic fabric with a breathable cotton lining. You can even wear them inside your shoes without feeling stuffy.
    • DAY AND NIGHT FLEXIBLE FOOT RELIEF –Our toe separator and foot brace splint will alleviate any pain you may feel from bunions, blisters, arthritis, and even post-surgery aches. You can use them for 20 minutes a day or overnight for more support.
    • EXCELLENT COMFORT AGAINST BUNIONS AND TOE BLISTERS –The flexible orthopedic bunion corrector fits snugly around your foot while reducing friction and absorbing pressure to avoid tenderness when you’re on your feet.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Which foot sizes fit the Bunion Corrector since there is no size chart?
    The Bunion Corrector is elastic, so it’s a one-size-fits-all product. Whether you're male or female and no matter your foot size, you can expect that the bunion corrector will stretch to accommodate your foot comfortably and help you with your foot problems.

    Will the product permanently correct bunion and other toe defects after long term use?
    Bunions cannot be completely corrected, but they can be reduced and relieved. Depending on the state and severity of your toe deformation, regular use of the Bunion Corrector will push back the bulging and displaced bones of your foot until it gets into better shape and condition. This is a long-term process, though, and it takes at least 2-3 months of using the Bunion Corrector before you can see actual results.

    Does the Bunion Corrector alleviate foot pains?
    Yes. Our product is designed to support your foot, so you can move around without feeling aches and pains due to your toe problems. Whether you suffer from mild or severe bunions, the Bunion Corrector will help assuage the discomfort caused by this common foot condition.

    Can this product be used to prevent blisters during sports activities?
    Yes. The Bunion Corrector also serves as cushioning for your foot, covering and protecting the areas that are usually exposed to friction inside shoes and other enclosed footwear when you run or walk. If you’re a sports player or an exercise enthusiast, then wearing this corrector during your active sessions can keep foot blisters away.

    Can you wear the Bunion Corrector with shoes?
    Yes. You can wear the Bunion Corrector inside any flat footwear like shoes, sandals, and slippers. You must not use it when wearing heels, though, as it cannot properly support your foot because of the uneven and elevated platform of the heels.

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 42 reviews
    Carmen Viloria
    After two weeks no refund

    It has been about two weeks I returned the bunion corrector and not refund yet or acknowledgement it has been received.

    Great Tool To Alleviate Pain

    I like that this set offers tools for daytime and nighttime use to accommodate your lifestyle. The fabric corrector is for night and does a bit more powerful correction vs. the small doughy ones that you can wear inside your shoes during the day. They do help with pain.

    Tara Tara
    Realigning my toe!

    I am actually post bilateral bunionectomy, and the right foot failed. I have tried so many different bunion correctors and finally this is one that actually works. The metal framing holds your toe in place and easy to sleep in. It’s already making a difference!

    Doesn't irritate

    I bought another brand of these, and they were just awful. The velcro attached between the toes and it always scratched and was very uncomfortable. I threw them away. So I was on the hunt for something different and so I bought these. The velcro on these don't attach between the toes. It attaches on the outside so no more scratching and irritation between the toes. So far these have worked really well. I only have one foot with a bunion, so I wish I could have gotten 2 left ones. I have no use for the one for the right foot. I wish they were a tad bit smaller. I only wear this at night. It would not be comfortable with shoes. I would buy these again.

    Bunion corrector

    The correctors fit really well. I bought them for my mom and she wears them most of the time. However, prolonged wear can start causing some pain. She has not yet seen any effect but again it's only been a few weeks. Great product and definitely recommend it, of course if the problem is not too severe.