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    Migraine Relief Cap

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    • STRETCHY AND COMFORTABLE COOLING SLEEP MASK –Our cooling head wrap is great for daily use. It is foldable and portable, so it's easy to carry around in a bag or a large pouch. It’s also stretchy, so it will adjust to the size of your head for all-around coverage. 
    • STRESS AND TENSION RELIEF –If you want to alleviate sudden headaches, calm yourself from life's unavoidable stressors, or maybe you just need to clear up your sinuses, then our Fit Geno Ice Head Wrap will do just the trick. For best results, we recommend placing the gel ice packs to chill in the freezer for at least 2 hours before use. You can then wear the cold compress migraine head wrap for 20 minutes at most to experience quick relief.
    • CONVENIENT MIGRAINE RELIEF CAP –The ice head wrap is conveniently reusable, making it a wise purchase if you constantly suffer from migraines and headaches. It also has a slip-on design, so it’s easy to wear and remove. You can store the cooling hat in a plastic bag at room temperature or in the freezer when not in use.
    • EXPERT-GRADE GEL MASK –The gel ice cooling cap can help lessen inflammation and headaches. It also prevents nausea, sinus problems, and vertigo without the need for medicine and home remedies like tea and other migraine relief products.
    • COMFORTABLE AND SOFT MATERIAL –Fit Geno’s migraine head cap is made from odorless and non-toxic materials that can be worn safely on your bare skin. The soft, breathable fabric has 360° head coverage, yet it’s still comfortable to wear even for a long period of time. However, if your skin is too sensitive, it may be best to consult with a physician before resuming use. We ask that you avoid skin contact with the gel itself, and we advise not to heat the head wrap in the microwave for over 30 seconds whenever you prefer a hot compress. 

    Frequently Asked Questions

    What head sizes does the product fit?
    This anti-headache wrap is suitable for all head sizes, both for men and women. Because it is made from elastic fabric, you can simply stretch out the Migraine Relief Cap over your head and it will fit snugly around your face.

    Does this product relieve other headaches that are not migraine-related?
    Yes. The Migraine Relief Cap’s function is to alleviate any kind of headache no matter what the cause. Aside from migraines, it can assuage headaches related to eye strain, stress, tension, fever, and hormonal fluctuations during periods. It can even relieve puffy eyes and pain from sinus congestion.

    Is the Migraine Relief Cap suitable for only cold compress or can it also be used for hot compress?
    Resistant to either temperature extremes, the Migraine Relief Cap can be worn for both cold and hot compresses. For cold compress, place the product inside the freezer for a minimum of 2 hours. For hot compress, microwave it for around 10-30 seconds. For more detailed instructions, check the accompanying manual.

    Where is the concentration of the gel located inside the cap?
    Unlike other headache wraps, the Migraine Relief Cap has multiple gel patches distributed across most of its surface. There are gel concentrations at the areas on the forehead, over the eyes, and near the temples to the ears. This makes it effective not only against headaches and migraines but also against vertigo, sinus problems, and swollen eyes. Since it has no side seams, you can even push the gel around to move the concentration on the part of your head or face that hurts the most.

    Can you place the product outside the refrigerator when not in use?
    Yes. Nonetheless, we recommend that you still place the Migraine Relief Cap inside the refrigerator even when you don’t intend to use it. This keeps the gel cool, so whenever the time comes that you need to use the cap again, you can simply place it over your head without waiting another 2 or more hours.

    Can you use the Migraine Relief Cap while sleeping?
    Yes. The product is made of breathable material, ensuring that you won’t feel stuffy inside even through overnight wearing. The cap also uses soft gel to give a cooling or warming effect, so it won’t be rough against your head when you move around in your sleep.

    Customer Reviews

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    Nguyen Thanh TungNguyen Thanh Tung
    Good Product

    I work on the computer every day and desperately need something to give my eyes a cold massage and relieve stress.Stumbled upon it on Amazon and I received it yesterday, although it's late, it's acceptable.After trying it a few times I found the quality to be very good and suitable for my needs.I use it 2-3 times a day

    Cintia Sabino
    If you get migraines please get yourself this!!!

    I've got this for my husband for Christmas , he recently just had a bad migraine and used for the first time. His experience was very positive, he liked the construction of the cap, from the material to the right compression around his head and obviously the cooling effect that the gel provides. He was definitely surprised on how nicely it worked out for him and the pain that usually takes a while to go away this time was reduced significantly in a shorter period and allowed him to relax and eventually to fall asleep. When he woke up he said that having the cap during the peek of his migraine was a game changer and he feels confident next time he has a migraine the cap will be a huge help to make him feel better. We absolutely recommend it this product !

    Suzanne L Cloutier
    This is AMAZING!

    Not only have I suffered through migraines, I also had brain surgery. My skull now has what is known as "brain pain" and it HURTS!!! They said probably for over a year and all I'm allowed to take for pain is Tylenol and I can't take anything for inflamation. So let me tell you - THIS HAS BEEN AMAZING! I wear it every night so I can get some sleep. If the pain is really bad during the day, well I use it then too! But it is absolutely amazing for both "brain pain" AND migraines!!!

    Lisa Veal
    Where has this been all my life?.

    I have suffered with horrible migraines as far back as I remember. Light, sounds, movement, heat, it all makes it worse. I bought this cold cap on a whim, not really expecting much. I immediately found what I had been missing! The coldness, the dark, the compression all work together to help my medication give me relief. If you have migraines, you absolutely need one of these caps! They are a game change for conquering migraines. I recommend 1,000%.

    allison jagoda
    A Cool Hug for my Head

    It is just what I needed for my migraines. Something soft and smooth and cooling to slip over my forehead and eyes to comfort pain and keep the light out while I relax. Feels like a soft hug on my head!I love that there are no straps to mess with, nothing to get tangled in my hair and it won't fall off easily if I move around.It stays cool without even needing to refrigerate it, I keep it by my bedside table and can put it on in the middle of the night if I awake with a migraine.I have not tried heating it in the microwave yet. It does warn on the packaging that this can deteriorate the product faster than by using it for cooling. But I like that it is an option!