Hinged Knee Brace

    • MAXIMUM SUPPORT & PAIN RELIEF –Fit Geno’s Re Active+ Hinged Knee Brace with side stabilizers is a highly recommended ACL knee brace for men and women to relieve any kind of knee pain. The hinges and the side stabilizers offer maximum support to improve medial and lateral stability. This meniscus knee pad will also help your joints recover from meniscus tear, runner's knee, sprains, athletic compression, sport-related injuries, mild osteoarthritis, PCL/MCL/LCL, and other related knee ligament problems.
    • RECOMMENDED BY SPORTS MEDICINE SPECIALISTS –Our patellar stabilizing knee brace for arthritis pain will effectively strengthen side support and maintain joint stability. It will fit your leg well and protect your knee from potential injuries without limiting your movements. More flexible than other knee protectors, it provides customized knee support according to your needs and comfort. The dual aluminum hinges can be easily removed from the integrated sleeves, while the double-spring side stabilizers can bolster the knee with enough firmness. 
    • HEAVY DUTY, MEDICAL-GRADE, LATEX-FREE MATERIAL –The medical-grade construction of the Fit Geno Reactive+ Hinged Knee Brace makes it an ideal method for knee recovery and pain relief. Made of bilateral aluminum, the hinges and stabilizers are durable yet super lightweight. Because of reinforced stitching, the hinges won’t tear the material no matter how much you bend your knee. The breathable, perforated fabric provides compression and soothing warmth while allowing better airflow to prevent skin irritation. A soft, elastic, and shockproof patella gel pad is also sewn inside the knee pad to prevent injury to the kneecap in case you trip, stumble, and fall over. 
    • DOUBLE ANTI-SLIP, OPEN PATELLA AND OPEN BACK DESIGN –Our excellent MCL knee brace is made with open patella and open back to ensure optimum comfort and prevent fabric bunching for all-day relief. Non-slip silicone strips are inserted into the fabric to avoid the knee brace sliding down during fierce exercise. It also has 4 adjustable straps so the brace fits your knee and won’t come off with movement. The hinged knee brace secures the kneecap as well with the addition of a patella gel cushion to lessen the stress/pressure upon accidental impact.
    • INNOVATIVELY DESIGNED FROM TRUSTED US BRAND FIT GENO –Fit Geno prides itself for curating the best products that address your needs and concerns. This new knee brace design is proven to be effective, so we confidently offer a 100% warranty to its quality and function.

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 31 reviews
    Great for stability

    My doctor said I need ACL reconstruction surgery months ago. I came across this knee brace and it gives my knee total support. Love it. Great quality.

    paula rackoff
    Great Product!

    Really loved this Fit Geo ReActive+ Knee Brace! It been a life changing product. So happy I found it!

    It stays were you put it!

    This is the first knee brace I've had that stays up on you knee. Love the extra straps. The rubber lines on the inside of the brace help hold it in place. The stabilizing bars are sturdy. Totally recommend.

    audrey brownaudrey brown
    A good fit

    I found this leg brace very easy to put on, and I was able to tighten the velcro straps to ensure a good fit so it would not slid down my leg. I was also glad that I could still bend my knee because of the hing and the metal inserts on each side of the knee helped to keep my knee stable and protected. I would recommend this product.

    jay cali
    Very comfortable and supportive

    I purchased this product to wear when not wearing my larger fitted brace while working,comfortable and supports my knee good enough to work!