Patella Knee Brace

    • MULTIPLE BUCKLE HOLES, ONE SIZE FITS ALL – Fit Geno Patella Knee Braces have shock absorbing cushions that can support your knee injuries and arthritis. The multi-hole buckle straps are flexible and adjustable, so the knee braces will fit snugly around your legs regardless of your size.
    • ATHLETIC FUNCTION WITH 3D SILICONE RING –The 3D silicone ring serves as a shock absorbing cushion and it disperses pressure on the knee to relieve pain. On the other hand, our dual-strap design offers reliable support for the patellar tendon and ensures that the patella remains in place even with extreme movement and exercise. 
    • LIGHTWEIGHT AND COMFORTABLE –The knee support braces are made from durable and breathable materials. With stretchable straps and fabric, they don’t stifle your knee and give comfortable support during physical activities. Air circulation is also possible through the strategically placed multiple holes on the brace, keeping the covered areas and the skin beneath cool. 
    • ERGONOMIC DESIGN WITH NON-SLIP VELCRO –Fit Geno’s knee braces have the latest anti-slip velcro technology that will secure them in place. You can work out, play basketball, go running, hiking, and do weight-lifting wearing these knee caps and they won’t slide down or fall off.
    • EFFECTIVE KNEE PROTECTION FOR MEN AND WOMEN –Our patella knee brace would fit both men and women alike. By reducing the force exerted on the quadriceps, the dual-action knee strap can relieve tension and joint pain with great efficacy. It is great for workouts, physical therapy, and athletic support against knee pain and injuries. 

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 26 reviews
    Brianna helserBrianna helser
    Fits well

    I have the floating knee as they call it and after a long hard day on concrete with this brace, the swelling was barely noticeable and no pain at all! Great stability and comfortable to wear.

    Great brace!

    This brace really helps my knee. I have a torn meniscus and it gives great support and stability. And it can go over or under pants. I like it over for my yoga pants as you see in the photo.

    jerrad shietsjerrad shiets
    Great product!!

    Perfect fit and braces knee well all day long

    Bob DogBob Dog
    Good Convenient Light Support Braces

    I'm old older dude that plays disc golf.These have helped me on drives by supporting my knees just enough.Maybe added 10+ yards to my drive.I have been using larger ones that slip over my entire leg but these allow me to wrap them around my knees and tighten.It takes a few times to determine the best tension as it is not the tightest possible.As an aside, I am getting compensated for this review, but I really am happy with these braces.

    Hopeful optimistHopeful optimist
    excellent top and bottom strap!

    this is the FIRST top and bottom patella strap I've found that works. the rest fall short. may still require taping if you're doing extreme things like snowboarding but literally everything needs that. I've returned 10+ top&bottom straps and thought only bottom ones work but these guys proved wrong and it has extra padding so perfect for boarding without restricting blood flow. highly recommend from someone who ran out his cartiledge 4 years ago.