Posture Corrector (Black)

    • BETTER POSTURE SUPPORT – Our back posture corrector for men and women provides support around your lumbar region without restraining your armpits to better improve your posture.
    • EASY-TO-WEAR POSTURE CORRECTOR – As one of the best posture correctors and back braces in the industry, Fit Geno’s back brace is adjustable, so it’s very convenient and quick to put on and take off. It’s also made with 3D weaving that would fit your body shape whenever you wear it.
    • BREATHABLE MESH MATERIAL – The back, shoulder, and neck posture corrector is made of breathable mesh material that keeps your back from getting hot and sweaty. Plus, it’s easy to clean and dry,
    • 2-IN-ONE BACK SUPPORT AND CORRECTOR – Say goodbye to your humpback or scoliosis because our adjustable back brace has 4 flexible fiber support bars that are sealed and non-removable, providing reliable back support that will help straighten your spine. 
    • AMAZING HEALTH BENEFITS –This lumbar brace for both men and women will help relieve pain in your shoulders and waist by taking pressure off the key areas in your back.

    Customer Reviews

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    Ergonómico, cómodo y útil…

    Excelente corrector, ayuda mucho con la corrección de mi espalda. Estoy muy satisfecha con este producto porque cubrió mis expectativas, su buena calidad me permite corregir la postura y mantener la posición vertical, ayudando a disminuir molestias a nivel de la columna. Es un soporte fácil de poner y ajustar, ergonómico y funcional, llevo más de una semana utilizándolo y ya siento la diferencia. Lorecomiendo por la comodidad, especialmente para mujeres porque nos ayuda en la parte debajo del busto, las correas se ajustan y no molestan la parte de las axilas. Lo utilizo de 3 a 5 horas y me resulta genial 👍🏼Cabe destacar que llegó a tiempo, por lo que considero un excelente servicio de atención al cliente por parte del vendedor y de Amazon.

    It works !!

    I always watch my laptop for a long period of times and I have back and neck pain. I ordered this to correct my spine and it worked very well

    Excellent brace and posture correction correction the money

    The media could not be loaded.  This has been a game changer for correcting my posture while also adding some support to my lower and upper back.I mostly was looking for a we'll rated posture correction brace as I slouch a lot and have been diagnosed with spinal issues because of that.I also have a lower building disc, so having the built in "back brace" functionality on top of the posture correction was a huge bonus.I figured I'd give this a try, and I'm glad I did!Even wearing this a couple of times a week, I have noticed dramatic changes in my posture and in my overall back pain.A huge win, thank you for making this available!

    Michelle CanazaroMichelle Canazaro
    Back Brace Review!

    I would like to say that the back braces are great! They are really comfortable and the scoliosis corrector inside of the brace works amazingly!

    Amanda VinerAmanda Viner
    Works great

    Got this for my son to work on his posture. What a big difference! He loved the way it. Definitely a confidence booster. Would highly recommend