Sciatica Brace

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    What sizes can the Sciatica Brace accommodate?
    There is only one size available for this product and it fits calf circumferences between 10 to 21 inches. To get the circumference, loop a measuring tape around your calf, just 3 inches below your kneecap.

    Is this product comfortable to wear for long durations of time?
    Yes. The Sciatica Brace has adjustable straps to ensure a snug fit around your leg, not too loose and not too tight, so it won’t squeeze your calf when worn. It is also made of neoprene material that’s ultra-lightweight and breathable, making sure that your skin underneath the brace remains ventilated and won’t get irritated despite the constant friction when you move.

    Won’t the Sciatica Brace fall off with too much motion?
    No. The product is secured with sturdy velcro patches, tested to have a long-lasting hold that will keep the brace in place even when you move around. It even has double straps to prevent slipping and ensure the brace stays in the right position. These straps are also adjustable, so you can fit the product exactly to your leg and avoid it from getting loose enough to slide off.

    Will the brace show when worn beneath clothes?
    No. The Sciatica Brace can be worn discreetly underneath clothing. It is made from lightweight, breathable neoprene fabric that won't add noticeable bulk or heat to your outfit. Plus, this model comes in a neutral black color that blends in easily with most clothing styles. However, some clothes may not provide enough coverage to hide the brace completely or your bottomwear may be too tight-fitting that the brace is evident beneath. In these cases, it’s better to wear the Sciatica Brace over your garments rather than under them.

    How does this product provide relief from Sciatica?
    Two stainless steel bars in the Sciatica Brace reinforce the calf, providing compression and support to the affected area while helping to alleviate sciatic nerve pain. The brace also has dual silicone pads that dispense much-needed targeted pressure on the nerves that run down your leg. The pressure from these pads reduces inflammation and swelling, which are two common symptoms associated with sciatica.

    On which leg should you place the Sciatica brace?
    The placement of the brace depends on the area of your back where you’re experiencing pain. If the pain is at the lower right of your back, then attach the brace on your right leg with the label R on top. Conversely, if you have aches in your lower left back, then fasten the brace around your left leg, positioning it with the label L on top instead. You shouldn’t wear two Sciatica braces on both legs at the same time.

    How do you wear the Sciatica Brace?
    First, determine where the sciatic nerve pain is coming from. As stated in the previous answer, bind the brace on the leg that corresponds to the direction of the back pain. If the pain is at the lower right back, then the brace should be attached to the right leg with the R label above the L. Likewise, if the pain is at the lower left back, then the brace should also be on the left leg with the L label above the R. Next, slip the straps into the buckles, adjust the tightness, and secure them by sticking the velcro patches on the brace. Finally, check that the silicone pressure pads are positioned over the calf muscles behind the knee. If you’re a first time user, you can wear the Sciatica Brace for at least 2 hours, but you can eventually increase the duration the more you get used to the product.

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 97 reviews
    Dan Kenney
    Great product! Thank you

    I play pick-up basketball twice a week. For the last year, I have been dealing with sciatica pain in my lower back and numbness on the outside of my right calf, that runs down to my ankle. I have been using the brace in games for the past two weeks and it works great! The brace is well made, and it stays in place. Highly recommend.


    Works great didn't feel any pain walking once I got this on

    janet harnish
    Right sciatic

    Seems to help!!!

    Carol Friday
    It Really Helps

    I actually found this product on Amazon and decided to purchase it based on the many positive reviews on the site. I had some doubts, but I was very pleasantly surprised that it has actually given me a good measure of relief from my sciatic pain. It has allowed me to more comfortably go about my regular day-to-day activities with less pain during the activity and afterward.

    B P
    Cancelling my order

    I put on an order on June 22nd, got an email the next day that USPS label created on June 23. I keep checking the tracking number, it still hasn't been sent to USPS and today is July 7. You haven't fulfilled my order. I'm cancelling it and requesting a refund.