Posture Corrector Upgraded

    • REGAIN PROPER POSTURE –Our revolutionary 2-in-1 back brace provides strong spine support while gently pulling the shoulders back in order to improve your posture and reduce fatigue.
    • MULTIFUNCTIONAL BACK BRACE –The Fit Geno posture corrector for women and men has a 3-dimensional integrated design. It straightens the back and supports both the waist and abdomen. It also comes with cross-shaped straps for a comfortable fit.
    • INNOVATIVE AND ANTI-STRAIN DESIGN –Our back brace is uniquely designed to bring greater comfort. It’s made of breathable honeycomb-structure fabric with elastic fish ribbon and spring bar support. There are anti-strain straps in place to reduce pressure on the underarms for greater flexibility and mobility.
    • PAIN-FREE BACK SUPPORT –It has amazing health benefits since the posture corrector for men and women contains 4 fiber rod supports (2 long bars and 2 short bars) that are sealed and non-removable, providing targeted support to the key areas in your back.
    • BETTER AND IMPROVED RESULTS –You will enjoy good back health and greater confidence! Our adjustable back brace helps relieve the stress off your shoulders and neck. You’ll notice an improved posture after frequent use.

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 46 reviews
    Victor Avila
    Great support and posture correction

    This back brace provides great support and aids in my posture. Takes some getting use to but can tell the difference.

    Helped with my rounded shoulders

    I feel that every time I have this back brace on me, it eases and repositions the poor placement of my shoulders. I have developed a “mom posture” over the years and that makes me look older than my actual age – I’m only just in my mid-30s though. This issue also makes me feel like it’s contributing to my breathing issue sometimes like I’m constantly running out of breath even though I am not stressed out or doing any kind of strenuous activity. This back brace is helping my spine to cause to perk up, and the straps open up my rounded shoulders, causing a bit more space in the chest area and, of course, less restriction in my breathing.I use this specific kind of back brace posture corrector often while out at work and mostly at home, except at night when getting ready for bed. The posture corrector back brace does serve my back and shoulders pretty well. I just wanted to have something that still allows me some flexibility in my movement while doing my routine and this brace has that capacity. Also, I tend to wear this spine-correcting equipment for about 1 to 2 hours (or more daily – it varies really). Yet the back brace does not gather sweat underneath it. So I would say that the fabric is specifically made to repel moisture – just gives the right kind of comfort when worn for longer periods. This design has the type of straps that are placed across the abdomen which means that not only are my shoulders properly positioned, but my waist is also fully supported. Seems like an ingenious concept in my opinion. Will stick to this posture-correcting brace until my rounded shoulders stabilize and return to proper alignment.

    Great product. Noticeable difference

    I feel and see a difference in my posture. I personally feel that wearing it over my clothes is much more comfortable than under your clothes.😊 Very happy with my purchase.

    Kindle Customer
    Instant relief

    After trying a few different styles I was skeptical but I ordered this one and got instant relief when I put it on. It's supportive without being restrictive. I can still work and move with it on!

    My Personal Testimony

    I like reading a lot since I was a teen. I could go on reading without eating or sleeping for the entire day. >.< The thing is, when I read, I like to lie in bed or on sofas. Sometimes I somehow get myself in some weird positions and just stay that way for a long time. I guess I was really young then, so I didnt feel anything. However, as I grow older, I start to feel the effect on my back. I start experiencing slight pain in my back. It got worse some time ago, so I panicked. I did research and was really concerned for my back (since I’m still young actually). I definitely could not go for all the surgery or whatsoever, and the next option that keep popping up before me was to get a back brace. I thought it doesnt hurt much to try, so I bought this one from Fit Geno.Guess what, the first impression I had when I received the brace was that it’s good quality. Why? Cuz when you touch it, you could feel that the fabric is strong and soft. It’s not the kind of fabric that you can feel is cheap, I don’t know how to describe it, like you could feel the thickness of it? I’m not saying that the fabric is literally thick but you could feel it’s made of something. It’s also soft and when I put it on, it’s comfortable. Of course, if you are talking about “comfort” like you did not wear it, it’s impossible. It just feels fine. I wear it for a few hours in the afternoon every day, as that’s the time I usually start to feel tired. With the posture corrector, it has eased my back pain a lot. Whenever I’m about to relax my body and get into a wrong position, the brace is there to remind me that I need to sit up straight. It also provides some support for my body, so that it’s not that tiring to sit up straight. I would say, this brace is really helpful and I’m happy with it.