Posture Corrector Upgraded

    • REGAIN PROPER POSTURE –Our revolutionary 2-in-1 back brace provides strong spine support while gently pulling the shoulders back in order to improve your posture and reduce fatigue.
    • MULTIFUNCTIONAL BACK BRACE –The Fit Geno posture corrector for women and men has a 3-dimensional integrated design. It straightens the back and supports both the waist and abdomen. It also comes with cross-shaped straps for a comfortable fit.
    • INNOVATIVE AND ANTI-STRAIN DESIGN –Our back brace is uniquely designed to bring greater comfort. It’s made of breathable honeycomb-structure fabric with elastic fish ribbon and spring bar support. There are anti-strain straps in place to reduce pressure on the underarms for greater flexibility and mobility.
    • PAIN-FREE BACK SUPPORT –It has amazing health benefits since the posture corrector for men and women contains 4 fiber rod supports (2 long bars and 2 short bars) that are sealed and non-removable, providing targeted support to the key areas in your back.
    • BETTER AND IMPROVED RESULTS –You will enjoy good back health and greater confidence! Our adjustable back brace helps relieve the stress off your shoulders and neck. You’ll notice an improved posture after frequent use.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    How do you know which size of the Posture Corrector fits you?
    There are two ways to determine which product size would fit your body. The first one is by measuring your waistline. Using a measuring tape, get the circumference of the slimmest part of your waist. The small size is for a waistline between 26 to 36 inches, the medium for 34 to 41 inches, and the large for 41 to 49 inches. If you don’t have the measurement for your waistline but you know your height and weight, then you can use the other method instead. Look at the size chart and find where your height and weight intersect. The size indicated should be the right fit for you.

    Is the product comfortable when worn?
    Yes. The Posture Corrector is made of 3D honeycomb-structure fabric with a highly elastic fish ribbon design. It will stretch to fit your body and the material is breathable, so you won’t feel hot and stuffy while wearing the corrector. The straps have an anti-strain reinforcement design that won’t press against your skin, preventing any kind of irritation. They are also adjustable so you can tighten and loosen them for your comfort.

    Does the Posture Corrector relieve back pains?
    Yes. This product is designed not only to improve your posture, but also to reduce the amount of strain placed on your back muscles. By gently pulling your shoulders back and aligning your spine, it aims to counteract the negative effects of poor posture like back pains. However, it's important to note that the Posture Corrector shouldn't be used as a substitute for proper medical treatment. If you experience severe or chronic back pain, consult with a healthcare professional before trying any new products or treatments. You can use this Posture Corrector to aid you in your healing journey, though.

    Can you wear this product beneath regular clothes?
    Yes. The Posture Corrector is discreet and comfortable enough to wear under clothing. You don't have to worry about awkward bulges or unsightly lines showing through your clothes. In fact, many people find that wearing this Posture Corrector actually helps them look better in their outfits by improving their overall stance. However, if your garments are too form-fitting or tight, the product may be conspicuous underneath.

    Can the Posture Corrector realign your spine?
    Yes. The Posture Corrector has four, strong back support rods that keep your spine in its natural position. There are even x-shaped cross straps for the back to support the back, waist, and abdomen. Over time, these can help train your spine and muscles to maintain proper alignment and good posture on their own. In addition to improving posture, they can also relieve tension and discomfort in the neck, shoulders, and upper back.

    How do you wear the Posture Corrector?
    Before you put on the Posture Corrector, stick the velcro patches of both the waist and shoulder straps to the waist belt. This makes it easier to locate them when you finally need to secure the straps in position. Next, slip your arms into the Posture Corrector and wrap the waist belt around your torso. Detach the waist and shoulder straps, pull on them to adjust their tightness, and reattach their velcro patches to the waist belt.

    Customer Reviews

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    Linda Corson

    Haven’t received this product

    D. Bradley
    My Mistake....Yet It Never Felt That Way

    Fit Geno?? Hmmmm, guess I'll have to impulse tap this and see what's to it. Interesting...... back support and for posture! Need something like that for the muscle confusion and keeping good posture with the 4, 8, and 12 pound vest....beginner status is a downer😮‍💨. Anyways....onwards and I do additional research and the Posture Corrector is on the way in the size that will fit me correctly. Fast forward ( >> ) and put it on. Wow! It fits and not bad for something not custom made for me. Wore for a few hours and off. Then a few more times throughout the week. Now let's try with the 8 pound vest and a 5 trail walk. Hmmm, not bad and the posture aspect is aces without a doubt. Fast forward---again, lol ( >> ) I decide to get the Posture Corrector Upgrade. Why!?!? Do you ask? Well it is a slight difference, but the upgrade has wider shoulder straps and higher up the spine. A few other additional features means better for heavier vests in my book. Yet my "book" is in crayon and not hardcover so don't go with it
    😂🤣😭. So I ordered again and same size. Got it and was excited for the next step. Then I got a,
    "Not so fast my friend" moment. Seems this one requires a size up for my frame. So I contact Fit Geno to tell them I'm not smart enough to size correctly and can I get help to fit the situation. Oh and I also need a bib to eat my food as well...😑. The response was so quick I was blow away. Annie explain the process and let me know how things would work....she just need my ID#. Of course I didn't include that. So I got the vital info that should have already been there and guess what? Go on..... guess! Annie told me every possible bit of information I need. Not to mention she thank me. Unreal in every sense. About now your getting bored, background noise are effecting this read and you life is calling you back. So the wrapup is at a beginner level. Find equipment that works for your drive, mind, recovery rate, frame type, strength level and makes you look awesome. Awesome is the most important, but if someone asks I can neither confirm or deny, lol. Fit Geno has given me a boost from "No issue" to "Once I get this I'll progress to....." just like that. Stay grounded in positivity. Also something I just heard recently..."Stay in the present, since the future doesn't exist." One of the U.S.A Soccer Team Members said that on their Official Profile Page while doing artwork and answering questions. Let the scavenger hunt begin....lololol. Her favorite color is emerald green. Thanks Fit Geno and U.S.A Women's Soccer...get stronger, better posture and eye candy.....ACES!

    D Bryant
    Customer Service

    Fit Geno’s customer service is extraordinary. Annie, handled my issue immediately and it was resolved within 24 hrs. The back brace fits perfect and is very comfortable. Love love my Fit Geno 😊 Thank you

    Marina Lent
    Posture Corrector Upgraded

    it is awesome. I use it together with a kidney-belt for top-to-bottom support for nine vertebral fragility fractures. It is important to learn the adjustment methods. together with a 3-wheeled walker, it will dramatically increase my walking range

    Of little help

    After wearing several days I found no difference in posture or back pain. Disappointing!