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    Migraine Ice Head Wrap, Migraine and Headache Relief Cap, Cooling Sleep Mask for Sinus Pain Relief, Headache Ice Pack, Reusable Cold Compress Gel Pack for Cold Therapy, Fit Geno

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    • STRETCHY AND COMFORTABLE COOLING SLEEP MASK – It’s easy to carry around and comfortably stretchy so it can easily adjust to the size of your head. Our cooling headwrap is great for daily use.
    • RELIEVE STRESS AND TENSION – If you want to relieve tension and stress, and maybe clear up your sinuses then our Fit Geno Migraine Relief Hat will do just the trick.
    • CONVENIENT MIGRAINE RELIEF CAP – The compression pain relief migraine ice head wrap that’s conveniently reusable makes it easy to use.
    • EXPERT-GRADE GEL MASK – The gel ice migraine pain relief cooling cap can help lessen inflammation and headaches preventing nausea and vertigo without the need for medicine.
    • COMFORTABLE AND SOFT MATERIAL – A pain relief migraine ice head wrap made from innovative materials that can be worn safely on your bare skin. Our headwraps are great gifts for your loved ones – no matter their gender.

    Fit Geno Migraine Relief Hat is a migraine relief cooling sleep mask and cap that reduces nausea caused by migraine, vertigo, sinus problems, and stress. Its innovative soft gel makes this ice gel cap the perfect stress and migraine relief product on the market. This ice pack for headaches is made of odorless and non-toxic lightweight fabric so it is safe to use on your skin. For the best results, we recommend that before use you allow the gel ice packs to chill in the freezer for at least 2 hours. You can then use the cold compress pain relief migraine ice headwrap for 20 minutes a time but no more than that. If your skin is too sensitive, it may be best to consult with a physician before resuming use. We ask that you avoid skin contact with the gel itself and it is advised not to heat the headwrap in a microwave. You can store the migraine relief hat in a plastic bag at room temperature or in the freezer when not in use. This ice pack for headaches and migraine pain relief is a convenient way to help you sleep without having to rely on medicine and home remedies like tea and other migraine relief products.