Patella Knee Brace

    • MULTIPLE BUCKLE HOLES, ONE SIZE FITS ALL – Fit Geno Patella Knee Braces have shock absorbing cushions that can support your knee injuries and arthritis. The multi-hole buckle straps are flexible and adjustable, so the knee braces will fit snugly around your legs regardless of your size.
    • ATHLETIC FUNCTION WITH 3D SILICONE RING –The 3D silicone ring serves as a shock absorbing cushion and it disperses pressure on the knee to relieve pain. On the other hand, our dual-strap design offers reliable support for the patellar tendon and ensures that the patella remains in place even with extreme movement and exercise. 
    • LIGHTWEIGHT AND COMFORTABLE –The knee support braces are made from durable and breathable materials. With stretchable straps and fabric, they don’t stifle your knee and give comfortable support during physical activities. Air circulation is also possible through the strategically placed multiple holes on the brace, keeping the covered areas and the skin beneath cool. 
    • ERGONOMIC DESIGN WITH NON-SLIP VELCRO –Fit Geno’s knee braces have the latest anti-slip velcro technology that will secure them in place. You can work out, play basketball, go running, hiking, and do weight-lifting wearing these knee caps and they won’t slide down or fall off.
    • EFFECTIVE KNEE PROTECTION FOR MEN AND WOMEN –Our patella knee brace would fit both men and women alike. By reducing the force exerted on the quadriceps, the dual-action knee strap can relieve tension and joint pain with great efficacy. It is great for workouts, physical therapy, and athletic support against knee pain and injuries. 

    Frequently Asked Questions

    How do you determine which size you should get?
    First, get the measurements of your upper knee and lower knee. You can do this by winding a tape measure 3 inches above your knee cap and another 3 inches below your knee cap. The above measurement is your upper knee circumference while the one beneath is your lower knee circumference. Next, view the size chart and match your measurements to the product sizes indicated. There are two sizes available: small and large. The small one is for those with an upper knee circumference between 12 inches to 22 inches and a lower knee circumference around 11 to 20 inches. The large size has a range of 17 to 26 inches for the upper knee circumference and 16 to 25 inches for the lower knee circumference.

    Is the Patella Knee Brace for the left knee or the right knee?
    This knee brace isn’t intended for a specific knee. You can use it interchangeably for your left or right knee depending on your preference and which is more comfortable for you. You can even buy two Patella Knee Braces and attach one for each kneecap so both of your knees are protected.

    Is there a chance that the Patella Knee Brace will fall off during use?
    No. This brace has a strong grip because of its non-slip velcro patches, making sure it stays in place during your workouts, training sessions, and outdoor activities. It also has adjustable dual straps with three buckle holes, so you can tweak the tightness around your leg just enough to guarantee it will grip your knee without irritating or pressing into your skin.

    Can this product protect you from knee injury?
    Yes. It has a 3D silicone ring around the kneecap opening, which will cushion your knee in case you trip or fall down during rigorous activity. When your knee hits a hard surface, the silicone ring will also absorb the brunt of the impact and distribute the force so it won’t be concentrated on your joints.

    How do you wear and take off the Patella Knee Brace?
    Since this brace has dual straps, you have to insert both the upper and lower straps into the respective buckle holes that best fit you. Tighten the straps around your leg and adjust the position of the Patella Knee Brace to align with your knee. You can then secure the straps by pressing them onto the velcro patches. To take it off, you just do the reverse process: simply detach the straps from the velcro adhesive, loosen them, and slide them out of the buckle holes. This product is both easy to put on and remove.

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 50 reviews
    Priyom Haider
    Great product

    Love it for back posture correction

    K Thompson
    It travels!

    I tried to wear it but it just kept sliding down and bunching behind my knee. It didn't seem to matter how tight I pulled it! I was constantly having to reposition it. Guess my thigh was not shaped correctly for it to stay put!

    Janis Johns

    I have not received a package from you.

    good support for the size of the brace

    it offers good support without being to clunky, hovever the velcro wore out quickly.

    jason cernak
    Great for motion

    I enjoy the brace with the free motion that it provides, but I am big guy that was looking for more stability and support.